Hi backers !
First of all we would like to thank you to back our project and we thank you to believe in.
We regret to report our failure but we want to improve our project and come back with a better one than our current project.

In fact, we want to add some specifics features as the voice command with SIRI, Alexa or OK Google or the capacity to choose different kinds of capsules since the application.

We think our project didn't work because we hadn't a prototype enough finalized and may be not enough designed and we are in contact with a specialized school in design in ordre to improve that.

We also think our video wasn't efficient to explain why COF-WI is an innovation and why it is able to change your way to make your coffee. We will change that too. You can follow us on twitter or Facebook page to stay aware of our progress and when we will come back. Don't hesitate to say how we can improve our system or what made you hesitate to participate our crowdfunding project and we will discuss with you to upgrade it. Thanks a lot again for your participation !
And don't forget ! It's coffee time !

Jean-Baptiste and Antoine